1. Working schedule of the museum:
    Mon - Fri: from 12-00 to 19-00; Sat: day off; Sun: from 12-00 to 18-00.
  2. During the entire working time, the museum is open for visitors in the mode of free and independent visits and inspection of the exposition.
  3. Excursion days: Wednesday, Sunday. Tours take place during business hours. The last entry is possible: on Wednesday - at 18-00; on Sunday - at 17-00. The tour can be extended only by the guide at his own discretion. Excursions - by appointment, however, in the absence of visitors and prior arrangements, guides conduct excursions without an appointment.
  4. Visiting, viewing the exposition, as well as the excursions themselves are free.
  5. The size of the group for a one-time stay on the territory of the museum should not exceed 15 people.
  6. Children aged 3 to 13 are allowed to enter the museum only if accompanied by adults. The adult escort is solely responsible for the safety of the child, as well as for his behavior. If the behavior of children interferes with other museum visitors, as well as employees, an adult with children is obliged to leave the museum at the first request of scientific, administrative or security personnel. Otherwise, the museum staff has the right to stop the tour until the conflict is resolved.
  7. Children under 3 years old are not allowed in the museum.
  8. We are sorry, but the museum is not equipped with devices for people with limited mobility, and therefore visiting by disabled people with injuries of the musculoskeletal system is limited and is possible only if accompanied by a second person.
  9. The museum staff is obliged to notify of all restrictions by phone when making an appointment for a visit.
  10. The museum administration does not work on weekends and holidays.
  11. Guides have the right to adjust the rules for admission to the museum. However, in this case, they assume full responsibility for interacting with visitors and are obliged to coordinate their actions with the protection of the museum.
  12. During the inspection of the exposition and the tour, visitors should not talk on mobile phones; if necessary, they are asked to go down to the landing on the first floor.
  13. Professional film, television, video and photography is prohibited on the territory of the museum without the consent of the museum staff.
  14. Professional activities of employees of other museums and guides, as well as media representatives for independent coverage of the exposition are prohibited on the territory of the museum.
  15. It is forbidden to enter the museum territory with open drinks and unpackaged food. In this case, the visitor is obliged to pack everything in a waterproof bag and leave it in storage in the office.
  16. The guards have the right to stop doing things that do not require the presence directly in the museum, uncoordinated access to the office premises, as well as manifestations of asocial behavior of visitors, for example, being drunk, using obscene vocabulary, any behavior that interferes with other visitors being in the museum and work of employees, etc.
  17. In the event of an emergency situation during the visit:
    - in the presence of administrators, the decision on the presence of visitors on the territory of the museum is made by the administrative staff;
    - in the absence of administrators and scientific personnel, the decision on admission to the museum is made by the guards in accordance with these rules;
    - on Sunday, the guide adjusts the admission mode, if the admission is not related to the restrictions on the safety of being on the territory of the museum.
    In the case of being on the territory of the director (owner) of the museum during an unforeseen situation and not specified by these rules, the decision on admission is made by him.
  18. The Museum does not provide services, including commercial ones, for parking, catering, babysitting, calling and waiting for transport, as well as storing luggage or cargo.
  19. Passage with animals is allowed only with the full responsibility of the owners for the behavior of the pet and subject to the consent of all persons present in the museum.