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Museum is back to work after holidays

from 11.01.2021

Our museum is back to work after the long New Year holidays: we are open for self-guided visits to the permanent exhibition. 
So we together could make your visit as safe as possible, we ask you to follow all the required rules, namely:
- if possible, notify us about your visit by phone;
- have masks and gloves with you;
- be sure to use a sanitizer. 
All these requirements we set to ourselves in our everyday life with equal rigor. 
In addition, all the museum's surfaces are daily treated with disinfectant solutions. If you have forgotten your mask, we are ready to provide one, sanitizer is a must for all of us. 
We have also limited our guided tours' schedule of to prebooked visits only on 2 days a week. This will help to avoid the simultaneous presence of unaqointed people, including stuff, in the premises of our small private museum.

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