"Wandering Stars" - the first exhibition after the onset of the pandemic to which the Museum has loaned exhibits

from 02.02.2021

On the 2nd of March the exhibition "Wandering Stars: Soviet Jewry in Pre-War Art" was opened in the "Na Shabolovka" gallery (a member of the Association for Moscow Exhibition Halls). The Museum of Jewish History in Russia has loaned to this exhibition about 70 original exhibits, as well as some materials to aid the project's audiovisual component.
As a partner in the exhibition our museum was tasked with providing authentic material for creating an accurate atmosphere of the time. Therefore, not only graphic works of Jewish artists were loaned to the exhibition, but also mementos of Jewish everyday life. Many of such objects remained unchanged from the beginning of the 20th century being kept in families and communities until the very mention of the Jewish community, ancestral religion or distinctive national culture has been finally pushed back to the boundaries of the social context. Many ritual objects changed their purpose, turning into household items, some things were simply hidden "until better times". The exhibition is dedicated to the Soviet pre-war decades, when the diversity of Russian Jewish culture was step by step replaced by promulgated casual Soviet uniformity. Being gradually transformed, this culture faded into the shadows.

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May holidays 2021

from 01.05.2021

Dear visitors!
We would like to draw your attention to opening hours during May holidays 2021: the museum will be closed on May the 1st, 8th and 9th.
All other days, from 2nd to 7th, and starting from May the 10th, the Museum will be open to the public as usual: daily, except Saturday, from 12-00 to 19-00 (on Sundays – until 18-00).
Both entrance to the Museum and guided tours are free!
During the holidays we offer guided tours on the 2nd, 5th and 10th of May, then as per usual – on Wednesdays and Sundays. 
Please note that because of Sunday the 9th of May is a public holiday, the Museum will be closed, and guided tours moved to Monday the 10th of May.
Please note also that visitors can encounter difficulties reaching the Museum during the Parade rehearsals, which begin on April the 29th. The Museum is in the area where several streets will be closed to the traffic. Please double check the changes in the operation of public transport too.

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