The new exhibition “The Jews of Moscow” has opened in the Museum

5-20 09 2011

On the 5th of September the Museum of Jewish History in Russia opened a new thematic part “The Jews of Moscow”. The creation and opening of this new exhibition is timed to the the Day of the City. The new part tells not only about the history of the Moscow community, but about the contribution and role of the Moscow Jews in the economics, culture and science of the capital and all the country, as well. In the future the new part will become the part of the constant exposition. We wait for you in the museum!

Photographs on the panorama:

1. Rubinshtein Nikolay G. (1835 – 1881) – Russian virtuoso pianist and conductor. The founder of the Moscow Conservatory (1866) and its first director.
2. Gnessin sisters:
Gnessina Elena F. (1874 – 1967) was a pianist and pedagogue. In 1893 graduated from the Moscow Conservatory, F. Bousoni’s student. In 1895, with her sisters Evgenia Savina-Gnessina (1870-1940) and Maria Gnessina (1871 – 1918), she founded the Moscow Musical College (since 1944 – Gnessin Musical-Pedagogical Institute), in which she was an art and academic director and professor until the rest of her life.
Olga A. Gnessina (1885-1963) and Elizaveta Vitachek-Gnessina (1879-1953) were the professors of the Musical-Pedagogical Institute.
3. Gnessin Mikhail F. (1885 – 1957) was a composer and pedagogue. In 1925 he became a professor of the Moscow Conservatory, 1944-1951 – the head of the Composition Department of Moscow Musical-Pedagogical Institute.
4. Kogan Leonid B. (1924 – 1982) was a violinist and pedagogue, People’s Artist of USSR (1966). In 1948 graduated from the Moscow Conservatory, in 1953 defended his Ph.D. thesis. Since 1944 he was the soloist of Moscow Philarmonic Society. A prominent representative of Moscow violin school, one of the greatest modern virtuosos.
5. Dunaevsky Isaak O. (1900 – 1955) was a composer, author of popular Soviet songs and music for movies, operetta and ballet, People’s Artist of Russian SSR (1950). In 1924-1926 Dunaevsky was a musical director of the Ermitage theatre, in 1926 – 1929 – the musical director of the Satira theatre.
6. Bernes (Neiman) Mark N. (1911 – 1969) was a cinema actor and singer of popular songs. People’s Artist of Russian SSR (1965).
7. Utesov Leonid O. (Wiesbein Leiser I.) (1895 – 1982)  was a variety performer, singer of the songs of various genres: from jazz to the town romance; a cinema actor. People’s Artist of USSR. The founder and director of one of the first jazz orchestras: “Thea-jazz” (1929).  
8. Gilels Emil G. (1916 – 1985) was a pianist. Since 1935 – the postgraduate student of Moscow Conservatory, since 1937 – lecturer, since 1952 – professor. People’s Artist of USSR (1954).
9. Oystrach David F. (1908 – 1974) was a violinist, viola player, conductor and pedagogue. Since 1934 – lecturer, since 1939 - professor of Moscow Conservatory. People’s Artist of USSR (1953).
10. Frenkel Yan A. (1920 – 1989) was a song writer, composed music for cinema and theatre. People’s Artist of USSR. Participated in the Great Patriotic War, since 1946 lived and worked in Moscow.
11. Pasternak Leonid O. (Itzhok-Leib I.) (1862 -1945) was a graphic artist, master of book illustrations; pedagogue. A member of the “Mir Iskusstva” (“The world of art”) society. Since 1894 he was a lecturer of Moscow Art, Sculpture and Architecture College. (Later – VHUTEMAS). 
12. Chagall Marc Z. (Moishe Hatzkelevitch) (1887 – 1985) was an artist, scenic artist and poet (Yiddish), one of the most famous representatives of the art avant-garde of the 20th century. 
Levitan Isaac I. (1860 - 1900) – artist from group of the Itinerants. He graduated from the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Since 1879, after the deportation of Jews from Moscow, he had to live with his friends outside of Moscow till the rest of his life.
14. Falk Robert R. (1886 - 1958) - painter, which originally connected modern art and avant-garde in his works; one of the most famous artists of the Jewish theatre.
15. Altman Nathan I. (1889 - 1970) - avant-garde artist (cubist), a sculptor and theatre artist, master of book illustration. Scene designer of the Moscow theatre GOSET and theatre-studio "Habima". Honored Artist of Russian Federation (1968).
16. Shterenberg David P. (1881 - 1948) - painter, graphic and theatre artist, teacher. Head of the Commissariat of Fine Arts (1918-1922). Founding member and chairman of the Society of Easel Artists (1925-1930). Lecturer of the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (later - VHUTEMAS) and VHUTEIN (1920-1930).
17. Lissitzky Lazar M. (1890 - 1941) - painter, art theorist and architect. Widely known as "El Lissitzky". In 1917-1918 he was a member of the Circle of Jewish Aesthetics, the Circle of Jewish artists and writers in Moscow. Lecturer in VHUTEMAS (1921) and VHUTEIN (since 1926).
18. Johanson Boris (1893 - 1973) - painter, People's Artist of USSR. He studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1912-1918), was a professor of the Surikov Moscow Art Institute. President of the Academy of Arts of USSR.
19. Efimov Boris E. (Friedland) (1900-2008) - a graphic artist, master of political caricature, People's Artist of USSR (1967). Since 1922 collaborated with the newspapers "Pravda", "Izvestia", with the magazines "Crocodile" and "Chudak", created by his brother - Mikhail Koltsov. The last year of his life, at the age of 107-108 years old, he was the chief artist of the newspaper "Izvestia".
20. Karmen Roman L. (Kornman) (1906 - 1978) - cinematographer and documentary filmmaker, front-line operator. He taught at the All-Union Institute of Cinematography (VGIK). Head of the documentary film department, the VGIK professor.
21. Nappelbaum Moisey S. (1869 - 1958) - an artist-photographer, master of portraiture. Organized the first portrait studio in the Central Executive Committee. He created the portraits of V.I. Lenin, F.E. Dzerzhinsky, M.S. Uritsky, N.K. Krupskaya, J.M. Sverdlov, M. Frunze, V. Vorovsky and A.V. Lunacharsky, as well as culture and art figures.
22. Yuri Levitan (Yudka Berkowitz) (1914-1983) - since 1931 he was the Soviet radio announcer, speaker of the State Committee of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Council of Ministers of USSR. People's Artist of USSR (1980).
23. Ilya Ehrenburg, G. (Gershevich) (1891 - 1967) - writer, poet and translator of French and Spanish, writer, war correspondent, photographer and social activist. A member of the Jewish Antifascist Committee, the author of the documentary research on the Holocaust.

24. Efros Anatoly V. (Nathan I.) (1925 - 1987), film and theatre director. Honored Artist of Russian SSR. In 1963 - the chief director of the Moscow Lenin Komsomol Theatre. In 1967 - the director of the Moscow Drama Theater on Malaya Bronnaya st. Since 1984 - chief director of the Moscow Taganka Theater.
25. Romm Mikhail I. (1901-1971) - director, lecturer of the All-Union Institute of Cinematography (VGIK), professor. People's Artist of USSR (1950).
26. Tairov (Kornblit) Alexander Y. (1885-1950) - actor and director, People's Artist of Russian SSR (1935). In 1914, together with his wife, actress Alice Kohonen, and a group of young actors he founded the Moscow Chamber Theatre, where he worked till the rest of his life.
27. Ilf Ilya A. (Fainzil'berg Jehiel-Leib A.) (1897 - 1937) - writer and satirist, journalist, photographer. Since 1923 worked in the Moscow newspaper "Gudok", since 1932 – in the newspaper "Pravda". Author (with Eugene Petrov) of the novels "The Twelve Chairs" (1928), "The Golden Calf" (1931), a documentary novel "The One-storey America" ​​(1937), etc.
28. Fradkin, Mark G. (1914 - 1990) - composer, author of many songs, which were popular in the middle of XX century, and music for films. During the Great Patriotic War he was a military musician and conductor. Since 1944 he had collaborated with E.A. Dolmatovsky. People's Artist of USSR (1985).

29. Galkin Samuel Z. (1897 - 1960) - poet and playwright. Lived in Moscow since 1922. Translated Shakespeare's "King Lear" into Yiddish, the play was put on the stage of the Moscow GOSET. He took an active part in the Jewish Antifascist Committee (EAK).
30. Kolmanovsky Eduard S. (1923-1994) - a composer, film music composer.
31. Babel (Bobel) Isaac E. (1894 - 1940) -  a writer, journalist and playwright. The author of "The Odessa Stories" and the book "The Red Cavalry" about the Budenny’s First Cavalry Army.
32. Pasternak Boris L. (1890 - 1960) - a poet, writer and translator. Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature (1958) for his novel "Doctor Zhivago".
33. Koltsov (Friedland) Michael E. (1898 - 1940 (1942?) – a publicist, journalist and writer. Since 1920 he lived in Moscow and worked in the genre of political feuilleton. Founder and editor of the "Ogonek" magazine, the editor of "Za rubezhom" magazine, a member of the editorial board of "Pravda" and "Za rulem"; founder of the satirical magazine "Crocodile”, founder of the comic magazine "Chudak".
34. Svetlov (Sheinkman) Mikhail A. (1903 - 1964) - a poet and playwright. Master of aphorism. Since 1922  he lived and worked in Moscow. During the Great Patriotic War he was a special reporter of the newspaper "Red Star".
35. Dragoonsky Victor Y. (1913 - 1972) - a Soviet actor and writer, novelist, author of stories for children. He lived in Moscow since 1925.
36. Dolmatovsky Eugeny A. (1915 - 1994) - a Soviet poet and lyricist, created many famous Soviet songs. Participated in the Great Patriotic War as a war correspondent.
37. Marshak Samuil Y. (1887 - 1964) - a poet, playwright, translator, literary critic and essayist, author of literary works for children and young people. Lived in Moscow since 1938.
38. Polevoy Boris (Boris N. Kampov) (1908-1981) - a journalist and prose writer. The military correspondent of the newspaper "Pravda".

39. Bagritsky Eduard G. (Dzyubin David G.) (1895 - 1934) - a poet, translator and playwright.
40. Barto Agniya (Volova Getel L.) (1906-1981) - a writer, screenwriter, author of poems for children.
41. Kaverin Fedor N. (1897 - 1957) - a theatrical director, teacher, Honored Worker of Arts of Russian SSR (1948). Since 1922 - director of the Maly Theatre, since 1925 - teacher of the Maly Theatre Studio, GITIS, Moscow Conservatory. In 1936-1943 he was a head of the Moscow Drama Theatre. Put a number of performances on the stage of Moscow GOSET.
42. ​​Gerdt Zinovy E. (Hrapinovich Zalman E.) (1916 - 1996) - a film and theater actor. People's Artist of USSR (1990). In 1945-1982 he worked in the troupe of the Central Puppet Theatre under the direction of S.V. Obraztsov. Since 1983 he was an actor in Ermolov MADT. Participated in the Great Patriotic War.
43. Farada (Ferdman), Simon L. (1933-2009) – a theatre and cinema actor, since 1972 – an artist in the Taganka Theatre of Drama and Comedy. Honored Artist of the Russian SSR (1991), People's Artist of Russia (1999).
44. Ranevskaya Faina G. (Feldman Faina G.) (1896-1984) - a movie and theatre actress, People's Artist of the USSR. In Moscow she performed at the Chamber Theater, Theater of Drama, Mayakovsky Theater, Pushkin Theater, MOSSOVET Theatre.

45. Bykov Rolan A. (1929 - 1998) - an actor and director, People's Artist of USSR. He worked at the "Mosfilm" studio, was the artistic director of the association "Yunost". Founder and leader of the International Foundation for Film and Television for Children and Youth ("Rolan Bykov Foundation").
46. Prudkin Mark I. (1898 - 1994) - an actor, People's Artist of USSR (1961). In 1920 he graduated from the high school of the second MAT Studio, since 1918 he participated in performances of the Moscow Art Theatre. Since 1924 he was an actor of the MAT troupe, one of its leaders.
47. Ginzburg Vitaly L. (1916 - 2009) - a physicist, Nobel Prize-winner in Physics (2003). The founder and head of the department of physics and astrophysics problems (since 1968) at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT).
48. Landau Lev D. (1908 - 1968) - a scientist, theoretical physicist. Since 1937 he headed the theoretical division of the Institute for Physical Problems in Moscow. The Nobel Prize-winner (1962).
49. Khariton Yuli B. (1904-1996) - a physicist, chemist, worked in the field of nuclear energy. One of the leaders of the Soviet atomic bomb project.
50. Kikoin Isaac K. (Kushelevich) (1908 - 1984) - an experimental physicist, Corresponding Member of the Department of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of USSR Academy of Sciences. One of the founders of the Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy, where he worked until his death.
51. Lavochkin Semyon A. (Magaziner Shlomo A.) (1900-1960) – an aircraft designer. Since 1945 he was a head of the OKB-301 at an aircraft factory of People's Commissariat of Defense Industry of the USSR (Khimki, Moscow reg.). After his death, the factory was named after him.
52. Dragoonsky David A. (1910 - 1992) – a military and political leader, Colonel-General (1970), twice awarded Hero of the Soviet Union. A member of the Jewish Antifascist Committee.


Panoram of the exhibition room

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